Blog Title: Politics are bad for your health!

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politicsAs we are all painfully aware, there is a more than heated debate – and I’m being polite here – going on about healthcare reform right now. But that is not directly what I am referring to in the title of this blog.

However, it has inspired me to write about the current state of politics and how that can directly affect your health and wellbeing.

Politics simply defined is the art or science of governing a nation or state based on Aristotle’s “ta politika” or “affairs of state” a book on governing and government.

In order to manage or govern a political entity such as a state or nation, one has to be in a position of power or authority. So theoretically, such a person should exhibit and/or posess unique qualities such as knowledge, wisdom and an open mind so that they can best understand and serve the people they represent.

How an individual rises to such a position depends on a number of different factors. History (and unfortunately present day in some areas) has seen monarchies, nobility, dictators or self-elected leaders, military chiefs, despots and tyrants head up and govern countries, continents and states across the globe.

In the so-called civilized world of present day, democracies seem to be the prevailing trend in government and politics. Something nations across the globe aspire to, and those who are currently in well-established democracies tout as the true road to freedom, success and wellbeing for all its citizens.

Which brings me back to the topic at hand – Politics are bad for your health!

In a democracy, the leader is elected by a majority of the people who support that person and whose opinion of him or her is positive or good.

But then, of course, there are those citizens who have a different opinion, or belief system and are opposed to the leader of the day.

This is where the “bad for your health” part comes in…….

Opinions are formed and expressed. Opposing opinions are formed and courthouse expressed. The opposing opinions compete for popularity and validity by negating or decrying the other side. Judgments about the varying opinions are made. Judgments form the basis of what is right and what is wrong.

Suddenly, rather than being about working for the good of all people, politics becomes about who is right and who is wrong.

The right way, versus the wrong way.

Doors close, avenues are shut down, vision shrinks, thinking narrows, possibilities other than right or wrong don’t or can’t exist. Tempers flare, blood boils, self-interest prevails.

Restricted viewpoints translate into a restriction of information, which translates into a restricted flow of life force energy, which translates into restriction of blood flow, tightening of muscles, a holding of tension (and venom) in the organs and tissues, which translates into ill health!

I’d love to know the blood pressure readings of those participating in the current town hall meetings across the country!

People suffering from depression, anxiety or ill health are often counseled to stay away from the news media, to refrain from reading newspapers or watching network news on the TV, and with good reason.

The civil unrest in the political society we currently inhabit is enough to negatively influence the health of anyone and everyone, even the most hale and hearty of us.

blood pressureNo wonder our nation’s healthcare is in need of reform.

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