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worldOne thing we are all well aware of is that this world, and our existence within it, is in constant motion. Nothing stays the same, not even for a second.

The earth itself is constantly rotating. The land masses are continually shifting and being re-shaped. The oceans are subject to never-ending tidal movements.

Then there’s “us” humans – the populace! From the moment of conception, our lives are in constant motion. Cells dividing, multiplying, dying and regenerating. Our bodies grow and change daily.

Even if we sit or lie as still as we possibly can, movement continues. Our cells continue to grow, die and regenerate, our hearts beat constantly, the lungs expand and contract with the breath…….

And yet there are times, particularly in this stress-filled society we have created, that we crave nothing more than to STOP! Even if just for a moment.

Why? Well there are the obvious reasons such as the body needing a certain amount of rest and relaxation. But perhaps that overwhelming need to STOP is the result of the effort involved in continuing to move forward under the pressure, expectations and demands of those around us, be they family members, bosses, co-workers, friends or associates.

You are handed one problem after another to work through and solve. “Here, take care of this for me will you and, while you’re at it, fix this, that and the other”.

Pretty soon you feel as if you have a ton weight on your back and you are slogging up a mountain through three-foot-thick snow.

All that energy you are carrying begins to interrupt and slow the natural flow of energy and movement in your body until you can hardly catch your breath. Every system in your body has to work harder just to do what they are naturally designed and built to do.

Certainly there is something to be said for keeping going, for continuing to move even when you think you can go no further. We all know and understand the benefits of physical exercise and how it can assist in releasing stress and unloading that ton weight you are joggingcarrying.

I am reminded of my husband’s grandmother, who lived to the ripe old age of 101 and who outlived her husband and two of her four sons. She continued to jog around the block well into her 80’s and, when talking of her husband after he passed away, she would say “If only Johnny hadn’t sat down, he might still be around today. But he just sat down!”

But what if you are unable to move under that mountain of energy? What if you are not blessed with genetics like that of my husband’s grandmother, or with great physical or spiritual strength? What if you just have to SIT DOWN?

Massage can help!

Massage by nature is all about movement. The practitioner’s hands moving smoothly and deftly over the body, manipulating tissue, muscles, tendons, joints and, in the process, moving and stimulating blood flow, lymphatic fluid, digestion, energy, etc., so that toxins and negative energy (that ton weight) are released from the body thereby creating space for the natural flow of energy to begin again and restoring effortless movement.

Massage can help you GET BACK UP and continue to move through life at your own pace and on your own path.

massgefeetMassage = movement! – Movement that helps to lighten your load and restore wellness!

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