Blog Title: Judgment interferes with healing

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supreme courtIn a recent blog, I talked about how politics are bad for your health and part of that premise was due to the judgments that are formed and adhered to in the political arena.

What happens energetically when a judgment or decision is made?

Well, in some ways it depends on the energy that accompanies or is put into that judgment.

Is there room for the judgment or decision to change, or is it final and immovable? If it is written in stone, solid, immovable, then the energy of that judgment creates a block and stops the natural flow of life force energy. As a result, change and/or growth are curtailed until the block is released.

Healing is all about being able to create change, movement and growth. This is how the energy of a judgment can interfere with healing.

As an illustration, let’s take a look at an extreme example. Say prisonsomeone is accused of a crime and later convicted in a court of law, even though perhaps they are innocent. The evidence and testimony presented results in a guilty verdict – judgment is passed. This person then finds themself incarcerated for months or years, their life impacted by that judgment which interferes with their freedom, growth and ability to change.

Now let’s look at the effect a judgment can have within the arena of healing.

Say you make an appointment for a massage or bodywork session. You are looking forward to the opportunity for releasing tension and stress that has been building and creating physical and spiritual discomfort. You talk to your practitioner who makes an assessment of your situation and decides on a course of treatment based on their assessment and his or her opinion of what is best for you.

However, instead of relaxing and releasing stress and discomfort, you find yourself tensing and holding against the discomfort of deep tissue pressure being used because your practitioner decided this was in your best interest.

We all have opinions, make decisions and form judgments continually. This process is part of how we learn about ourselves, other people and life in general – what we like and don’t like, what we feel is right or wrong.

The key is being able to have some flexibility in this process so we do not hold onto judgments that are no longer valid, or which were made in haste, or which we are adhering to on principle because we do not wish to look at another possibility or because we have to be right.

These are the decisions and judgments that interfere with healing – with your ability to create change and growth and move forward.

A practitioner who is sensitive and tuned into their client, would notice the tensing and resistance to their touch and adjust their pressure accordingly. Even though they believed deep pressure would be the best way to release stress, they can see that it does not work for this particular client and, therefore, they change their previous decision. They let go of their original judgment – this allows healing to occur.

A simple exercise in self-healing anyone can do is to is to imagine that any decision or judgment you make can be changed as and when you grow and change; and that when someone makes a judgment about you, you can choose to release the energy from your space. This frees you from having to change their mind about you – a somewhat futile exercise.

What would you like to let go of in order to create change and growth in your life? What opinions of yours have changed lately? What decisions did you make a while ago that are no longer relevant to your life?

wellbeingTake a look for yourself and observe the healing that results from allowing flexibility in your judgment and decision-making process.

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