Blog Title: Healers are human, not superhuman!

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There are those who consider healing as something “extraordinary”, a gift that only a select few people possess.  This is not true.  Then there is the common misconception that a healer must have everything under control, be perfectly balanced and have no problems or frailties of their own.  After all, they know how to heal right?

I would like to share with you a story that one of my students, Johanna, wrote recently:

“Several months ago, I took an Intuitive Touch Healing class from Sue Arlen.  The healing method and information felt natural and I looked forward to continuing on into the second portion of the program.  However, I realized that this was a decision I needed to make at a personal level.

I have had chronic pain for a large part of my life and I felt like I was losing vitality and energy.  I found myself questioning, “is it right to heal others when I seem to have failed to accomplish healing in my own life?”  I intuitively knew that in healing others, one heals oneself, but doubt, fear and impatience cluttered my thoughts.

I decided to have a series of Intuitive Touch Healings with Sue.  We discussed why I was experiencing this pain and where it came from.  My healing was deep and at a cellular level.  The pain lessened each day and my energy was slowly returning.

As healers, many times we forget to ask for help.  We strive to have a good mental attitude when healing others, but forget that our own self-criticism can be destructive.  I continue to meditate daily and ask for guidance in the study of healing.”

Johanna is not alone in her story.  I have seen and worked with many healers who, under the weight of expectations placed upon them, begin to doubt their own abilities or value.

In my experience, some of the most capable and gifted healers have had, and even continue to have, many struggles of their own.  It is in fact their ability to manage and surmount their many obstacles that gives them a deeper understanding of what other people are experiencing.

This same concept can be applied in all areas of life.  My youngest daughter dances competitively.  Her jazz teacher is a bright and extremely talented young woman.  She once told me that she herself really struggled with dance for many years, that it did not come naturally and she didn’t “get it” until she was in her teens.  As a result, her ability to teach, and her compassion and understanding for those students who don’t immediately “get it”, is notable.

Healing is a journey, not a quick fix.  So, rather than look for perfection in a healer, or place unrealistic expectations on them, look for someone who can recognize your struggles and can offer you unconditional acceptance without judgment.  From this point, you will be able to find your own answers and begin to solve your own problems, instead of relying on an “expert” to fix everything for you. 

Believe me, the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are an active participant in your own healing process can’t be beaten!

If you are practicing healer out there and that “superhero” cape is weighing you down, remember to take some time for yourself and even invest in a healing for you!  The more you give to yourself, the more energy you will have available for your clients.

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