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In the United States, Thanksgiving is upon us once again!

Originally a celebration of the first successful harvest the pilgrims enjoyed with the Native American Indians upon settling in this land, it’s history has been varied in interpretations, seen both positively and negatively and, yet regardless of belief and emotional charge, the name simply defines itself as a time to give thanks for wherever we are and whatever we are experiencing in our lives.

If nothing else, it gives us reason to momentarily change our focus and re-direct our attention from simply managing, handling, processing, doing to recognition of family, friends, humanity, common ground and, yes, differences, diversity, divisions – it gives us cause to breathe!

This in itself is never a negative or bad idea!

It represents a time when we are given the opportunity or choice to stop, take a time out and re-assess our situation.

Negative energy, pain and invalidation can weigh heavily and occupy so much space that, at times, it is a challenge to recognize the positive, beneficial aspects of our life and be “grateful”. In terms of vibrations of energy, negativity appears more dense, heavier and serious, whereas positive energy is seen as lighter, brighter and less serious.

Human beings have a tendency to attach greater importance to that which is serious, dense, solid or weighty than to that which is light, fluffy, enjoyable and amusing – perhaps because of the weight, structure and three-dimensional nature of the physical world we inhabit and because of the effort inherent in having a physical body.

However, when we pull our energy out of all the heaviness we are carrying – the responsibilities, duties, expectations, etc. – and recognize the good in our world, we can experience healing.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I would like to invite each of you to take a moment to look at and acknowledge all that you can be thankful for. For some ideas or suggestions, check out my post from November 21st, 2010 entitled “The healing power of giving thanks”.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

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