Blog Title: Are you looking for that magic pill?

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magic pillAre the pressures of life building to the point where you feel like you’re going to explode? Do you look at the coming days, weeks or months with a sense of fear and foreboding? Is it all just too much? Does it seem like your life is not within your control?

At times like these, it is tempting to look for that magic pill. The one that will eradicate all the stress, struggle, challenges, pain and emotions that you face.

blue pillIn the movie The Matrix, the main character, Neo, discovers he is living a simulated existence. At this point, he is offered the choice between taking a blue pill or a red pill.

The blue pill will place him back into the existence he has known up until this time, a life which is quite simply an illusion – where his body is in actual fact being used as an energy-generating machine and his life experience is simulated by a series of computer programs downloaded directly into his brain.

red pill

The red pill, however, will restore his consciousness, free his body, allow him to re-connect with himself and bring with it a life filled with challenges, struggle to survive, pain, fear, competition, emotions, sacrifices – simply put, he will see the truth for himself and take back control of his life – he will become real and whole again.

He chooses the red pill and embarks on a life path of growth and learning. This is by no means the easy choice, but one that will ultimately bring greater fulfillment and rewards.

If you were given a similar choice – one where you could choose to eradicate all your problems and challenges and live a simple pain-free life of disconnection from yourself and the world around you, what would your decision be?

Certainly there are times when that existence might seem appealing, particularly if you suffer from long-term illness, debilitating injury, chronic pain, permanent physical disabilities, abusive relationships or perhaps the loss of your job and/or home, financial despair, etc.

In our present day culture, there is a pill for just about everything – pain relief, stress relief, depression, mood swings, sexual performance to name just a few.

But do those pills actually solve your problems, or do they in fact just mask the root cause of the problem and bring with them a host of other problems – have you seen or read the side effects listed in the advertising of all these miracle pills? In some cases, it sounds preferable to stick with the original problem, ailment, or set of symptoms.

Fortunately, we live in a world where there is an ever-increasing variety of natural health care alternatives available – therapists, counselors and healing modalities abound.

The antidote to the pill that disconnects you further from yourself and the core issues you came here to learn from this lifetime, is to find a place where you can receive assistance in reconnecting and experiencing your life to the fullest. A way to meet those challenges head-on, find solutions to the problems that are genuinely yours and let go of those you maybe attempting to solve for others and, as a result, enjoy the lessons you learn.

Intuitive Touch Healing & Massage offers one such support system. A place where you can seek out your own answers, by receiving assistance in reconnecting with your own information and finding your optimal level of wellbeing.

There really is no magic pill for your life – but your journey can be enhanced naturally by you getting back in the driver’s seat and following your own unique path.

I recommend you give it a try!

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