Blog Title: What type of healer are you?

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stop sign stock.xchngBefore you stop right here, even if you don’t believe you are a healer, I encourage you to read on…. you may be surprised!

Unless you are hell-bent on creating pain and destruction, chances are you’re a healer. You just may not be consciously aware of it.

So what type of healer are you? Let’s look at SOME of the ways people heal, often unconsciously…… Check any and all that apply to you!

Fix-it healer: This person can quickly assess a situation, event or person and see what to do in order to fix, repair or improve it/them. They look for and find cracks, tears, rips, holes, leaks, abuses, injuries, unwellness, etc. and immediately set about repairing, mending, fixing.

Artistic, creative healer: This person channels their healing energy and ability into beautiful, masterful pieces of art and creativity – be they paintings, ceramics, clothing, jewelery, accessories, personal appearance, gourmet meals, decor, etc. Their creations improve the quality of life for those individuals who come in contact with them by deepening their awareness of beauty, making them feel better about themselves and opening up their vision and appreciation for the world we live in.

Love healer: This person has an abundance of love for all creatures and willingly spreads this energy everywhere they go. They believe in warm embraces, displays of affection, sharing, caring for and loving everyone. They open their heart to the world. They believe that love can eradicate hate, pain and destruction.

Problem-solving healer: This person can analyze equation and see the cause of a problem. They use strategy, analysis, formulas and vision to break down and dismantle problematic energy, remove confusion and simplify in order to find a solution. They can see the parts of the puzzle that don’t fit, hone in on offending components and extract them to resolve the issue at hand.

Organizational healer: This person has great spatial awareness and the ability to simply and efficiently organize people, materials, spaces, belongings, papers, energy, etc. The scope of their vision is broad – they can see the big picture and can also focus in on details. They breeze through a place, swiftly re-positioning, sorting, filing and organizing. Remember Mary Poppins helping the children magically clean up their bedroom??

Give-it-away healer: This person believes in giving to anyone and everyone in need, even if the result is that they themself become depleted and in desperate need of a refill. They may take a moment to fill up, but then set about giving it all away again to those more needy than themselves. This person takes pride in picking him or herself up off the floor in order to give.

Then of course there are those professionals and practitioners who are consciously working and involved in the healing arts, most of whom will possess some characteristics of the healer types described above.

So, do you see yourself in any of the above descriptions? Perhaps you fall into one or maybe a combination of those categories. Can you think of any other types of healer? Maybe you use your healing abilities and energy in a different way. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any other healer definitions you would like to include.

identityThere’s a healer in each of us just waiting to recognized!

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