Blog Title: Spirituality doesn’t compute!

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brainThe reason so many people deny their spiritual nature is because they are locked in their analytical mind, where they try to make sense of energy or spiritual essence in physical terms – and it simply doesn’t compute.

Take for instance the mindset of devout followers of some religions who would rather believe the literal translation of the written word of portions of the Bible, than consider anything less tangible, but broader reaching.

Even though those translations really cannot be taken literally when biblewe consider the centuries that have passed since the original Bible stories occurred, the time between the occurence of those stories and when they were recorded, who it was that was relating the stories, the language(s) they were written in, the vocabulary available at the time, the meaning of those words at that time and the many different translations that have occurred since.

Spirituality is something that has to be experienced on an individual and personal level, and many people would rather be told what to believe than look for themselves.

It is easier and safer to be told who or what God is, what your relationship is to him or her, how to pray to and communicate with God and what that will do for you even if it isn’t the truth, than to investigate for yourself what your truth is.

Left to your own devices, what would you discover? What would you be able to see and believe?

You may not think you have any information about spirituality, but in fact you already have all the information you require. You just need to discover how to uncover it.

This is the part that can prove tricky when you first begin because, as I said earlier, it doesn’t work to process spiritual information and energy through your analytical mind, and unfortunately this is what we are programmed to do. When you try to convert the limitless, multi-dimensional nature of spirit into a three-dimensional physical and material realm nothing makes sense.

To use a well known cliche, you have to “look outside the box” – the box being your analyser. You have to stop thinking and start experiencing, stop doing and start being

The freedom that comes from being able to recognize your spirituality, your energy, your essence is so healing, it is truly life-changing!

Does that mean that having awareness of your spirituality, clear vision, your own information and finding your own answers makes life easy and comfortable. No it does not!! However, a life without challenges and lessons to learn would be pretty dull and boring!

open pathRather than take the standard route through life, take the path less traveled….. and see where it takes you.

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