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In the absence of new material flooding my creative channels, I am taking the liberty of re-posting this blog from the early part of last year because I feel it’s just as important right now (perhaps even more so in light of where we find ourselves) as it was when I originally wrote it. Some things bear repeating and, on occasion, more than once. The emphasis here being on finding “YOUR” way.

Finding YOUR way – for health

I am currently reading 3 different books about how to create good health and wellbeing in the body. Each of the authors has a lot of information and knowledge and an interesting perspective. I was excited, as I began each of the books, to learn more about the internal workings of the body that could potentially help me in my own growth and awareness and also allow me to offer new support to my clients in their path to healing.

However, I soon became overwhelmed with the information presented, much of which led me to a feeling of despair and “what’s the point?”, as we appear doomed by the toxicity of pretty much everything we touch, breathe and ingest or even look at.

After the initial overwhelm, yes, each of the books offers a way to minimize your toxicity and maximize your health and wellbeing if you follow their protocol, which initially I thought I would try. And yet I found myself resisting some of the protocols presented and at the same time underwhelmed by some I was already practicing.

And so it was time to put the books down and spend a little time with me and my own information. I wanted to discern within that resistance which of the information presented was simply not true for me and where I might be blocked to new ideas, because it is easy to resist having to make changes to our every day habits – some of which might be detrimental to our health.

The one “truth” of mine personally that I always come back to is that every single body is entirely unique. There are no two alike. Add to this the fact that the spirit within each body is entirely unique. And so for a person, author, medical group, pharmaceutical company, holistic practitioner, therapist, etc. to profess that they have the answer for everyone just doesn’t sit well with me.

The current exposure to information we are experiencing is unprecedented. Never before have we been so inundated with the volume of information at our fingertips.

On one hand, this is incredibly useful, a valuable asset and extremely handy for navigating our present day world. On the other hand, finding your truth has become increasingly challenging within the ever-expanding spectrum of insight and knowledge available.

Because of this, it is easy to choose the path of least resistance – a path that has been cleared of obstacles by a former pioneer and to follow that person’s information as the answer to your problems and challenges. It is much harder to forge your own path, cutting through the brush, scaling the mountains, crossing the oceans not knowing what lies ahead.

And yet we so often find that the path cleared by another does not lead to where we want to go. In other words, following someone else’s protocol with regard to diet, exercise, habits, faith, responsibilities, relationships just doesn’t work.

Many of the people I see professionally have arrived at the  realization that their faith, religion, exercise regime, diet, etc. is no longer working for them. This is not to say that all those sources of information, knowledge and belief are wrong, but more that there has to be space within each of those avenues for expansion, growth and change to accommodate the unique perspective of each individual spirit in a body.

When a protocol, formula or belief system is restrictive in it’s ability to adapt, change and grow, then those following are limited in their ability to adapt, change and grow also.

And, if nothing else, we are most clearly in the midst of an era of adaptation, change and growth – think gender equality, sexual identity, globalization, religious tolerance and acceptance.

So how do we make the more challenging path to our own information simpler and more attractive?

Number one: Meditation. This does not have to mean a painful, prolonged abstinence from comfort and communication. Nor does it mean having to sit alone with yourself awash in the voices, distractions or obligations that are immediately apparent when you close your eyes and attempt to go within.

Ideally, a well-led, guided, focused group meditation can assist you in clearing your own path to your truth. Looking for a place? Check out Intuitive Way at

Number two: Intuitive Touch Healing. There are times when even a guided meditation group can result in blocks, or finding yourself stuck. Intuitive Touch Healing provides an environment in which each unique spirit in a body is offered unconditional support of their own unique journey. No judgment, nothing to have to respond to. A time in space within which you can simply exist as who you are spiritually within your body and, as a result, find peace and acceptance. See

Nobody has your answers but you. The challenge is unlocking those answers and finding YOUR way!

Take the plunge! It’s not always easy and doesn’t lead to perfection, but it is nonetheless irreplaceable and priceless!


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