Blog Title: Healing global crises with touch?

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The challenges we are facing today are historic because they can no longer be localized, or contained within a particular country or even one continent.  The domino effect is truly in place right now as we are witnessing in the face of our crumbling financial system.  The fallout is more widespread than most people can begin to fathom!

In the face of a crisis such as this, certain basic human instincts come into play – fight or flight, survival of the fittest – and we begin to view our fellow human beings differently.  Is your neighbor in danger of losing their job, home, livelihood?  Are your family members sinking or swimming?  What happens if those close to us collapse?  Do we go down with the ship too, or do we take the last life jacket and save ourselves?  Or is there a way to save ourselves and the ship too?

It is at times like these that we need to take a deep breath, step back a little and change our perspective.  One of the most effective ways of doing this I have found is in giving or receiving an intuitive touch healing or massage.  There is nothing like positive physical touch to remind us of our humanity and that we are all connected – that, even though we are all unique individuals with our own purpose and goals, we are in this world together.

As much as we are experiencing globalization, we are also experiencing isolation – polar opposites.  As fear and panic spread, there is a tendency to withdraw, to go into hiding, to protect your own interests.  How do we overcome the fear?  I suggest you “reach out and touch someone”, reconnect with your fellow human beings.  Does this sound overly simplistic, or too good to be true?  Try it, see what happens.  Together we can find a solution and move forward!

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