Blog Title: Turn up your light!

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Have you ever experienced the attraction and magnetism of a newborn infant? They are magical in ways we find hard to explain. You just can’t help but stare at them. Their innocence, enthusiasm and the joy of experiencing their new body is intoxicating.

But I believe the attraction is more because we are able to so clearly see the true nature of that spirit shining within a human physical form…… and, in that moment, we are able to recall and recognize our own light. Our own spiritual nature is mirrored by theirs.

A soul, as it moves into it’s newly born physical body is, for the most part, able to show without words or even well-executed physical gestures how joyous it is to experience this world of sensation, emotion and physical dimension – the four elements of earth, fire, air and water.

This serves as a wonderful reminder for those of us who have been living on the earth a few more years and may have become weighed down by the energies involved in the process of growing and experiencing human life. Over time, our own light can become dim…….. sometimes to the point of forgetting that it exists at all.

You don’t have to actively seek out newborn babies, though. There are many other natural wonders we can find daily to remind us why we chose to be here.

  • The rising sun as it lights the sky with blasts of purple, red, orange, pink, gold.
  • A snow-capped mountain towering over the communities nestled at its base.
  • A rose bud bursting open to reveal the rich array of shades and velvety nature of its petals.
  • The sparkling, glittering stars in a deep, dark night sky.
  • The full moon reflected in the ocean.
  • A roaring fire, giving light and warmth to those gathered around it.

Taking time to consciously recognize all the natural beauty in this world, even if just for a moment each day, helps rekindle the light within you.

As we move into a this new year, I invite you to turn up your light….. hold it up high for all to see…. and choose to spend time with those who can see and validate your light, rather than those who would seek to put it out.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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