Blog Title: The benefit of rituals

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A ritual is defined as a ceremony, tradition or practice – very often, although not always, related to religion – honoring and recognizing milestones, spiritual achievements, growth and development, connection to God, a higher power, etc.

Rituals range in complexity – from elaborate, intricate, detailed ceremonies requiring much preparation – such as a Bar Mitzvah or Japanese Tea Ceremony – to the simplest form of personal practice – for example the lighting of a candle or quietly sitting in meditation. 

This morning, in my meditation I found myself in a fog.  It was at this time I realized that in the “busy-ness” of the last two weeks, I had foregone some of my rituals or practices that normally serve to call my attention back to myself and help to re-connect all the parts of me – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Managing an extensive re-decorating and reorganization project in my home, together with client healing appointments, teaching, etc., had taken all my time and, as a result, my personal rituals had been displaced.

Hence the fogginess around me – an accumulation of uncleared, unaddressed energy.  The time spent in meditation during the course of the “project” was directed at preparing for healing appointments, class and healing clinics, rather than simply saying hello to myself.  And many daily morning walks had been missed.

Regardless of the type of ritual, the benefit comes from the focus it brings to who we are and our connection to the source of our being.

Be it an early morning walk or jog in the hills, a weekly yoga or pilates class, a cup of coffee out on the deck, a massage or bodywork session, watching the sun rise or set, an afternoon cup of tea, or the nightly lighting of a candle, your attention and awareness is directed inwards where you recognize that you are more than just your physical body – where you become conscious of your connection to your spiritual self, to the earth and it’s many wonders, to humanity as a whole.

Rituals help to stop the clock, let you escape the express train you are on momentarily, allow you to breathe.  They act as a timeout and simply create space for you to say hello to YOU!

What rituals and/or practices do you have in your life?  It is possible that you may even have some rituals in place of which you are not fully conscious.  Perhaps the demands and responsibilities that you face on a daily basis have over-ridden your connection to those practices.

The healing power of creating space for yourself through some form of conscious ritual, practice or routine can very simply change the course of your life, bringing with it wellness and enjoyment.

Light a candle tonight and allow that simple act to recognize and symbolize your light as a spirit.  Notice how that feels…..  Enjoy!

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