Blog Title: Raise your glass to RAISING YOUR VIBRATION!

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celebrationWe’re just about to ring in the New Year! I love this time of year…..

Each New Year presents an opportunity to reflect on where we are, how we have arrived at this point, and where we would like to go on our journey through life.

True, we can do this at any time. However, the dawning of a New Year comes on the heels of the Holiday Season which for many people is an energy-filled, energy-intensive and often exhausting time of year, after which we are only too happy to re-focus and re-set our intention.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the New Year falls in the winter when we are naturally drawn to go within and practice some soul-searching.

A New Year also signals that Spring is not too far away – a time of rebirth, renewal, accelerated growth and rejuvenation.

So, what are you wanting to create for yourself in the coming year? Where would you like to set your sights? What would you like to accomplish and what are your goals?

Sometimes when we put our attention on what we would like to have, achieve, etc. we run into roadblocks, negativity and all the energy that says “you can’t”, “that’s impossible”, or such.

meditation-flickrThis is when meditation can help. meditation

The first step to creating and having what you want in life, is to become aware of the energy you are carrying, being the effect of and that is in your way of following your path and achieving your goals.

Meditation, when practiced with consciousness in the body, can assist you in seeing and clearing those roadblocks and raising your energy vibration out of the layer of negativity you may be stuck in.

It can be as simple as deciding to paint a room in your house, or your whole house a different color. This changes the energy of your environment, renews and refreshes the space you live in.

The same can be done for your physical and spiritual energy bodies. When you practice meditation, you can simply choose to refresh, renew and repaint your “space”, or RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!

Intuitive Way LLC holds regular beginning meditation classes every other month. The next one, Creative Meditation I, starts on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at their center in Walnut Creek, California.

This meditation class can bridge the gap between wishing for something and actually manifesting that same thing.

When you learn to meditate and become aware of the energy in your personal space or universe, you can then recognize the areas of your life that you would like to change and heal and so your journey continues….. with you in the driver’s seat…..

celebration21This year, as you raise your glass to toast in the New Year with a beverage of your choice, choose to raise your vibration so that you can reach those goals, have those wishes and manifest those desires!


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