Blog Title: Is love really the answer?

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worldI’m sure you have noticed how tough it is out there! People from all walks of life and across the globe are continuing to face challenges, job shortages, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stresses with no well-defined, clear end in sight.

2010 came and went with no visible or tangible solutions to our ongoing socio-economic, climatic, cultural or other problems.

So here we are in 2011….. what direction do we take? How should we approach and/or deal with our problems?

On one hand, out of fear, people are rising up in frustration, anger, resentment, bitterness and hostility or in other words negativity! This can be seen in all areas of life, but perhaps nowhere more clearly than in the political arena. Tempers are flaring, accusations abound, blame is everywhere. This represents one end of the spectrum or dichotomy.

On the other hand, there are those of us who are working dilligently to build tolerance, greater understanding, peace, increased spiritual awareness – in other words positive energy.

hearts-150x150Today, however, I’d like to address an offshoot of the positive side of the spectrm – something I will call the “love movement”.

In order to counter the prevailing tide of animosity and rancor, many people with a more holistic or spiritual approach to life are pinning their hopes on spreading love.

Although this may initially sound like a good idea and a welcome relief from the negativity, I’d like to examine the possible downfall of consciously or unconsciously using the energy of love with the belief that it can make everything better.

Love can be seen as a vibration of energy, a positive force, powerful enough to conquer darkness, hatred and negativity.

However, love is also an emotion generated within the physical form which can have a negative impact when it clouds the truth, is used to hide or bury pain or is used to control others. It can take on a righteousness itself that matches the righteousness of the other extreme.

What is your definition of love? Perhaps we should begin by examining this energy vibration or emotion for ourselves and how we are programmed to see love before we simply spread this far and wide.

Who taught you what love is? Is it something that is within your reach or were you led to believe you are not worthy of love? Is love something you were offered or given if you agreed to do as someone else wished? “If you really loved me you would ……. and you certainly would not …….”

Or perhaps love was used as an excuse to invade your own personal universe. “I love you SO much, I just want to get as close to you as possible and be with you every waking moment so that I can truly get to know you”.

Then, of course, there are times when being given love or feeling loved can be so intoxicating it can take us off our paths, cause us to lose connection with ourselves or prevent us from working through negative energy – pain, invalidation or judgment – that would allow us to become more free and whole.

I am certainly not a proponent for spreading animosity or hatred, but I’m not sure spreading love far and wide is the answer either, unless that vibration of love is without emotion and has space within it for each and every person on the planet to find and own their unique spiritual essence and autonomy.

Blanketing the planet with love seems to me to take away from our unique individuality.

heart1Pictures courtesy of flickr and stock.xchng.

Instead of spreading love, perhaps we could focus our attention on raising the energy vibration on the planet to a level that allows for unconditional acceptance, respect and understanding of all people, cultures, and belief systems.

What do you think?

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