Blog Title: How well do you know your body?

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question-mark-flickrWith so much emphasis on discovering your spiritual self, identity and information these days, the physical self – your body – can at times be left out of the mix or forgotten.

Or, perhaps you follow a diet and exercise regime that you believe addresses and takes care of the needs of the body, thus creating space for you to devote more of your attention to your spiritual self.
But is that diet and exercise regime something your body enjoys and truly benefits from, or is it a discipline you believe is good for you based on someone else’s information?

Your body is your home – the vehicle through which your spiritual self is able to learn and grow for the duration of this present lifetime. Therefore, it would make sense that the more space there is in the body for your own information and energy and the more connected you are to your body, the greater your ability to experience the life you want.

Learning to listen, look inside and communicate with your body is, in my mind, the best way to really get to know your body and be able to move into it more fully. Whose voice is loudest in your head? Yours or someone else’s? And are those other voices creating static in your communication with yourself?

internal-organs-wikipediaWhen was the last time you checked in with your heart, your lungs, your brain, your kidneys, your liver or any of your internal organs? Or how about the numerous systems within the body that relate to those organs – the respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, etc?

It may seem strange to you to say “hello” to the internal workings of the body, however, you are the owner of an incredibly intricate, brilliantly designed, miraculous machine that requires and deserves much attention, care and maintenance in order to stay well and allow your spiritual self to work through it.

Are you stressed, anxious or tense when you sit down to dinner? If so, you might find your digestive system struggles to process the food you ingest because of the amount of emotional energy that is churning in your stomach or gut.

When you go to the gym to work out, is there so much chatter going on in your brain, so many problems and responsibilities weighing you down, that your ability to hear your body is blocked? If so, you may unconsciously overstretch or overtax your body.

In a class I teach called Body Magic, we spend 4 two-hour sessions looking inside and discovering the energy within the physical body. We look at what is ours and what is not. Who’s concepts about our bodies are we trying to live by, being controlled by or trying to “digest” and where does that energy sit within the body creating a block to our own information?

What taboos did you grow up with that prevent you from feeling at ease within your body?

Self-discovery, growth and awareness is a process and a journey that encompasses ALL of you – your spiritual, emotional, mental and PHYSICAL selves.

bodies-revealed-flickrPhotos courtesy of flickr & wikipedia.

I invite you to get to know your body more fully by incorporating it into your meditation, prayer and self-discovery practice. Say hello to the internal workings of the body. Recognize and validate all the organs, systems, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, etc.

What is your body trying to tell you? You may be surprised at the communication you receive.

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