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Inspired by the recent actions of one of my daughters, I decided to take a break from social media for a while and to consciously observe the effect of this decision in my daily life.

I am not on Instagram, I do not Snapchat, nor do I Tweet so it really comes down to Facebook for me.

I have certainly found some value in Facebook – a variety of deliciously healthy and simple recipes; a number of interesting, educational articles. I have watched some moving, inspirational videos (and some pretty silly ones too!).

I have also had the opportunity to re-connect with long lost friends across the globe and had a glimpse into their lives in present time. And, I have been able to share my work through these blog posts with a wider audience.

However, on the flip side, I find the volume of content somewhat overwhelming and almost always experience some level of negative, emotional response to one or more posts as I’m scrolling through.

Certainly, life is richer for experiencing the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the full spectrum of emotions inherent in our physical body. However, as we human beings evolve and learn to manage a steadily increasing inflow of information and awareness, it becomes more challenging to sift through the constant download and maintain a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in your own personal universe.

Not only has our awareness expanded across the globe, but also out into the cosmos as scientists discover new planets, solar systems, universes and black holes.

Where once our world was considered finite, it now appears infinite. Where once our sense of community was contained within our local neighborhood, village, town or country even, that sense of community is now being stretched and expanded to include humankind across and around the world.

And so, back to taking a break from social media. As soon as I made the decision, I felt a sense of relief. During the day, I was able to more easily take care of what I needed to. By the end of the day, there was less of a buzz in my head and I felt lighter energetically.

As I continue this separation from social media, I have found that sitting to meditate is easier, clearer and more enjoyable. My ability to tune into myself was being restored. Disconnecting, was allowing me to re-connect with me.

With a different perspective afforded me by this separation, I am able to move through situations, circumstances and experiences more neutrally, in less of a reactive state (see previous blog post:

There is great value in the wealth of communication and awareness globally and universally that we are experiencing these days. As a result, however, it is even more important – imperative actually – that we make time to focus our awareness within so that we not lose sight of ourselves.

If an elephant is sitting on your chest (metaphorically speaking), it is hard, if not impossible to breathe and all your attention is drawn to that place in your body, and every ounce of your energy is involved in attempting to survive.

Under the weight of the inflow of information and energy we now experience daily, it is easy to succumb to that pressure, to feel our strength, freedom, autonomy diminish.

Social media, as with everything, can be beneficial in moderation. However, left unchecked it has the ability to suck you in, consume you, toss you around and spit you back out in pieces.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, distracted IT Healing1, spinning your wheels, feeling weighed down, I recommend you give yourself a break from social media for a while. See what you notice and how you feel.

If all else fails, there’s nothing like a little Intuitive Touch Healing to help you disconnect in order to re-connect!

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