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Can you believe it? 2013 is almost over! Where does the time go?

Every time I have that thought, I also think how much I sound like my parents years ago! They would often say that in my childhood at a time when each school year seemed like an eternity to me! I would listen to them, roll my eyes and wonder what their problem was! Time appeared to crawl by, literally – until of course Christmas or summer vacation came around and then that period of a few weeks flew by. Of course at that age I wasn’t able to fully grasp how our concept of time changes depending on whether we are enjoying ourselves or not!

When we are engaged in something we love, a passion, a pleasurable time or event, time appears to fly by. Conversely, when we find ourselves in a situation that is not enjoyable, is frustrating, when we feel out of control, time appears to tick by ever so slowly – painfully slowly! The more we resist, the slower time passes…..

Life is hopefully filled with a full spectrum of such experiences for that is what enriches our growth. However, there are times when the responsibilities of adulthood, or our circumstances can seem to outweigh those times of pleasure and “time passing too quickly for our liking”. We get bogged down, literally, in the energy of what we must, should, have to do, even if it is done with the intention of nurturing, giving to, empowering or healing those around us who we love and care for – not to mention those we “need” to give to and support for our own survival – employers, clients, students, associates…..

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I love the New Year! It reminds me of the opportunity we each have to renew, refresh, re-evaluate and re-connect, not only at the beginning of a new calendar year, but each and every month, day, minute of our lives.

The general trend seems to be that the New Year is a good, ideal even perfect time for resolutions, make-overs, hitting the re-set button and creating a “new you”! Everyone talks about it – the media, politicians, religious leaders, teachers, therapists, medical professionals and the like. We get excited, lists are generated, promises made…..

It is easy to talk about, and yet sometimes the resulting pressure and expectations can be overwhelming, leading to disappointment and even perceived failure. It can take time, commitment and discipline to erase old habits and patterns – I recently read an article that described discipline or commitment as the ability to stay with something long after the mood has passed. If you are accustomed to a certain practice or way of thinking that has been ingrained for many years, your entire life or perhaps even before this lifetime, it is not always possible to click your fingers, or tap your heels and instantly change that pattern.

And so onto the invitation…

For 6 months now, I have been leading a group meditation online or via phone each and every Monday morning from 6:15-6:45, with the intent of creating space for each member of the group to ground and own their unique path and set the vibration they would like for the week ahead, in other words their journey through life, whatever that may be.

This does not necessarily guarantee smooth sailing, but if you were to ask anyone in the group, I believe they would tell you that this regular meditation practice helps them navigate the waves that may present themselves with more awareness, ease and ability.

And then there is the added benefit of being part of a group….. Many years ago when my children were infants and I was nursing them, I would be awakened a few times each night by their need to be fed or comforted. At times I was so exhausted that, regardless of my desire to nurture and my love for my children, I found myself resentful, particularly of the rest of the family, and what seemed like the rest of the world, sleeping peacefully while I sat in the dark.

Then one night, I thought about how many other mothers were doing the exact same thing as I was – possibly at the exact same time – I visualized and said hello to each of them as spirit. Suddenly I was no longer alone. We were a group all doing what it took to ensure the livelihood and wellbeing of our babies. I felt connected, validated, even joyful…

Working together in a group, with the intention of creating space for your own individual journey again validates and recognizes both our collective souls and also our unique physical nature and path, unlike anyone else.

If you would like to see how this feels and how it may positively impact your ability to stay true to yourself, develop a regular practice and “stay with something long after the mood has passed”, I invite you to join us for meditation in the peace and tranquility of the early morning hours before you get caught in the rush and bustle of the the prevailing trend.

celebrationThe cost for participation in this weekly meditation is $50 per month. Digital recordings are available for sessions you are unable to attend live.

Call or email me for details.

May this New Year bring you growth, self-healing, renewal and joy!!

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