Blog Title: When you can’t see the forest for the trees

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forest-150x150Do you remember the last time you got up in the morning to find a thick fog outside that made it difficult to see across the street? Or perhaps you were driving on the freeway….

Maybe you have a memory of going for a walk in the forest and you found yourself lost and unsure of your direction. All the trees looked the same and were so close together making it difficult to see your way out.

Being lost in the fog or the forest can also occur energetically or spiritually as we make our journey through life. You wake up one day and everything seems murky, unclear, hazy. You find it difficult to clear your head, to organize or sort out your thoughts. Yesterday you knew who you were and where you were headed, but today nothing seems certain.

Many of the people who come for Intuitive Touch Healing are in a personal fog, or so deep in the forest that they are unable to see their way out. Some are just discovering that they have been in something of a fog for much of their life but were unaware of it. Not unlike a vision problem being discovered and finding that a pair of corrective reading glasses or distance lenses allows that person to suddenly see the world in a whole new light.

These periods of compromised visibility can be frustrating, debilitating and frightening. However, they can also present a challenge, motivating us to act and stimulating our growth so that we find a way out by searching out our own information and awareness – using our intuitive abilities rather than our physical eyes.

And finding that jump-start can be as simple as receiving the perspective of someone who is not engulfed in the fog and can see more clearly what is happening.

fog-150x150If you are looking for a fresh perspective on life or a way out of the forest, help and a number of options are available:
– join a meditation class or group
– make an appointment for an intuitive reading
– schedule an intuitive touch healing or other energy healing
– call or email me for further information, suggestions, recommendations

Clear skies are just ahead!

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