Blog Title: The healing power of amusement

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feather-flickr-emdotThe topic of healing will quite often invoke a serious vibration of energy. Healing is seen as serious business because the need for healing most often arises from someone experiencing pain or unwellness be it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional.

However, serious energy is by definition heavy, whereas the energy of laughter or amusement is light. If we consider physical objects for a moment, it is much more challenging and requires more effort to move something heavy such as a boulder than it does to move something light, for example a feather.

The same goes for vibrations of energy. It is harder to move serious energy than the energy of amusement. So if there is serious energy in pain, it is more difficult to release and/or heal the pain, and as a result create change, than if there is some amusement in that pain.

I was remembering a time many years ago when a sudden acute illness took me to the emergency room. A friend of mine was kind enough to drive me there. While we were waiting for me to be seen by a doctor, we began to find humor in my situation and despite the physical pain I was experiencing, we started to laugh and tell jokes. Even though the act of laughing hurt, I found myself enjoying the experience and my mood was lightening by the minute. Much of the initial fear brought on by the pain was dissipating.

The downside to this was when we realized that the energy of amusement was actually delaying my examination by a doctor. It just didn’t appear serious enough in my curtained off area to warrant immediate attention. As soon as we stopped laughing and having fun, a doctor appeared!

However, the energy vibration of amusement allowed me to separate enough from the pain that I could envision healing myself. This is why it is so important to approach healing from a vibration of amusement, regardless of how serious the situation may appear to be. If amusement is initially too much of a stretch, try smiling at the pain or simply breathing deeply in and out and relaxing as much as possible. Just putting your attention on raising the vibration of energy out of fear and seriousness, will help set the space for healing to begin.

I still required a hospital stay and medication, but the daily visits from friends and family filled with laughter and amusement, together with watching comedy shows on the TV in my room whenever possible, made the healing process more manageable and pleasant than it otherwise could have been.

This is why you will hear laughter and experience a light vibration of energy when you visit any of the twice monthly Intuitive Touch Healing clinics at Intuitive Way – for laughter truly is the best medicine!! I invite you to come see for yourself!

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