Blog Title: Resistance is futile! – Or is it?

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worldIt’s interesting, in a world that is constantly moving, growing, changing and evolving, that we should expend so much time and energy fighting, resisting and refusing to change, grow and evolve. After all, it’s what we came here to do! To learn and evolve as spirit, to experience the growth and changes inherent in having a physical body, to navigate our way through myriad milestones with as much grace as possible.

That said, I do understand the desire to just be still, have things stay the same, even if just for a moment…. We live on a planet that never stops moving – rotating and travelling through time and space, changing it’s position in relation to other stars, moons, planets. This continual force of movement, coupled with the prevailing trend of earthly progress which seems to be accelerating on a daily basis, and to which we are continually having to adapt, can be overwhelming.

There is, however, a beneficial form of resistance – the inherent physiological resistance of the body which allows us to fight off bacteria, viruses, toxins and disease in order to maintain health and wellness so that we can achieve our goals and navigate our path. The fight to survive is fueled by resistance.

Also, physical strength is built by “resistance” training where muscles contract against an external force. It is this strength that creates resilience which allows us to weather storms, navigate minefields and conquer all manner of energetic obstacles.

It is when resistance becomes an automatic response to other people’s energy, concepts, or beliefs – or when you resist someone or something on principle – that it can be detrimental and, indeed, futile. This kind of resistance simply holds your energy and attention in that place. You become stuck in that place or picture and your freedom to move forward, grow and heal is compromised.

So, could it be that the sharp increase in auto-immune diseases, syndromes, deficiencies and the like is a response to and result of the huge planetary shift that is taking place – globalization, global warming, genetically modified crops, technological overdrive, the increasing blending of cultures, ethnicities, etc.

Our bodies are having to adjust to, adapt and, in a way, mutate to survive the increased toxicity of the air, the earth and the water as the population continues to grow and our natural resources dwindle, and as technological advances are made that bring with them new substances, chemical combinations and vibrations of energy.

Navigating our way through these continual changes and advances can be challenging to say the least. It is no wonder that they are, at times, met with a digging in of the toes and a resounding “NO, ENOUGH ALREADY!”

What are you resisting that it would benefit you to let go of?

We are being challenged to find balance between the positive and negative forces of resistance more and more. It is at times like this when recognition of “the bigger picture” is so important. When a return to conscious awareness that connects us with our spiritual source helps us find that balance.

More and more people are seeking information and answers to help them manage and thrive. The so-called “new age” movement that was not so long ago seen as marginal, quirky, cult-ish even is now becoming mainstream, normal and accepted. Meditation and healing, spirituality and awareness are commonplace terms familiar to people in all walks of life. Perhaps, in part, because they help bring our attention back to the simplicity of our nature in this increasingly complex world we are creating.

It is here that we find acceptance and balance, tolerance and peace – between those opposing forces of resistance!

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