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wellbeingIntroducing the 4 R’s of healing!
Relax, release, reconnect, renew….

The act of living and being is a process which, not unlike computer software and data, technology in general or anything in the physical world, requires continuous updating and renewal.

Although the process of renewal can be practiced at any time, the beginning of a new year offers a unique and special opportunity in this regard as we complete the cycle of one calendar year and look forward into the next. We pause to reflect on our accomplishments of the year gone by and project into the new year that which we would like to achieve. This gives us the opportunity to look inwards for who we really are and what may be in the way of us achieving our desired goals.

Renewal requires conscious awareness, focused attention and can be achieved by following the steps listed below.

1. Relax
It is no accident that in times of stress, pain or challenge we are advised and encouraged to take slow, deep breaths and relax. Holding, tension and tightness holds things in place, keeps energy stuck, restricts the flow of movement and narrows your focus. As a result, your ability to see your path and create the life you wish is hampered. Ironically, it is during these times of stress, pain or challenge when renewal is most needed.

2. Release
Once you begin to relax, the next step is to release or let go that which you are holding – be it responsibility, duty, expectation, pain, fear, anger or any other energy vibration that negatively impacts your enjoyment of life. When we become overwhelmed with other people’s pictures and energy in our space – concepts of who or how we should be, demands on our time and energy, judgment about decisions we make – we become disconnected from ourselves. All the energy you are carrying becomes bigger than YOU!

3. Re-connect
Letting go of the load you are carrying creates space for you to re-connect and become whole again. Each time you accept a picture or concept of who you are, what you should be doing or how you should act into your space – which we all do, all the time – you become a little more separated or distanced from your true nature, or the core of who you are as a spirit. Re-connecting is an essential part of the renewal process. It is one thing to let go, but without re-connection you are simply creating space for other energy to fill.

4. Renew
By the time you have completed the three steps outlined above, you have reached this last stage of “renewal”. By nature of turning your attention inwards, dedicating time and energy to healing yourself and letting go, you are automatically renewing your commitment to yourself, to come together and be whole.

Give it a try today!

Unsure of how to begin? Contact me and I will help you find some assistance.

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