Blog Title: Put yourself first to find your stillness

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wave-64170_1280Have you noticed….2016 is winding down and beginning to come to a close when, in some ways, it feels as if it was just New Year!

Almost everyone I have worked with this year has been experiencing the phenomenon of time moving faster and faster; of increased fatigue; of being overwhelmed in some area of their life.

This latest movement towards greater spiritual awareness and consciousness happens to coincide with a surge in technological advances that have brought us to a point of having to manage a previously unprecedented volume of information from across the globe. Our brain and body together are being challenged to process and keep up with this surge and it is not always easy!

In practicing Intuitive Touch Healing during these turbulent times, I am finding the need to assist each person in recognizing and tuning into their own unique vibration and rhythm increasingly important.

And, at this time of year, it becomes even more apparent. Fall and winter naturally represent a time of slowing down as the days draw in, the hours of darkness increase and temperatures fall. However, counter-intuitively, we are called upon to gear up for the tidal wave of the Holiday Season which traditionally blows through like a tornado.

Maintaining your space, your balance and your wellness at this time is particularly challenging.

I recommend making a commitment to yourself that, regardless of the prevailing tide, you will create time and space just for you on a regular basis.

Many years ago, in my early 20’s, I used to like kicking off the Holiday Season with buying something for me first! At the time, I joked about it a lot. Looking back I can see that under the amusement, I was simply putting myself first.

Making yourself a priority is essential to your health and well-being.

Come to one of the two monthly Intuitive Touch Healing clinics and experience the magic of tuning out all the noise that would distract you from yourself. Many of those who have visited the clinic have been amazed at the stillness they experience!

“Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations.” Sadhguru

This year, during the many Holiday festivities, make sure to celebrate you!

Happy healing!

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