Blog Title: Pain and snowflakes

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snowflakes-stockxchngJust as no two snowflakes are alike, the same can be said for pain – no two experiences of pain are alike and the possible degrees and variations of pain experiences are infinite.

However, whereas we are willing to concede that each snowflake that falls is unique, we are continually trying to qualify and categorize pain, attempting to fit it into a “one size fits all” mold that is understandable, quantifiable and scientifically explicable.

For those who are experiencing some form of pain, be it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, and who are not willing to simply medicate, deny its existence or buy into someone else’s definition of their pain experience, this can be frustrating to say the least.

The challenge is in seeing pain as a communication and learning tool rather than a problem to be dealt with and eradicated as swiftly as possible. It is our fear of pain and our resistance to it which causes the suffering that actually amplifies the experience of that pain.

Of course severe, acute and/or chronic pain is especially challenging just because of its intensity and duration. But perhaps that intensity is due to an underlying spiritual experience or memory that is stored in the cells of the body, and which needs to be recognized and addressed at the same time as the present time pain.

Compounding the issue of pain is the fact that most people find it uncomfortable to be around someone in pain because it lights up past time painful experiences or “pictures” in their space. This leads to the person in pain feeling alone, isolated or under pressure to heal and fix the pain as soon as possible.

If the pain persists invalidation and feelings of failure can set in – two “low” vibrations of energy which make it even more challenging to heal. Healing comes from raising the spiritual and physical vibrations which allows space for change.

Recognizing each individual’s experience of pain as unique, just as unique as each snowflake, and incomparable to anyone else’s, is essential for true healing to begin. And validation of that pain as a communication and learning tool rather than a problem is equally important.

Meditation and Intuitive Touch Healing can help you raise your energy vibration out of fear and resistance to a place of validation and awareness and bring you one step closer to being pain-free.

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