Blog Title: Letting go of the reins

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In a healing session, it is quite common to be advised and encouraged to “relax and let go” of energy that you might unnecessarily be holding onto either because you believe you have to, due to responsibilities, expectations and the like, or that you might be holding in order to control your path.

However, regardless of the reason, relinquishing “control” can be a little frightening – suddenly there is a “what if?” in the equation. It can open up space for unpredictability, vulnerability, surprises. Better the devil you know…… right? Best to keep your finger firmly on that button, or tightly wrapped around those reins.

I was recalling an experience I had many years ago when, as a young adult, I went on vacation to Jamaica for a week on my own. It was a glorious time! Soaking up the sun, swimming in the caribbean, meeting wonderful people, eating lobster.

One day I decided to sign up for a horseback ride along the beach and through the woods. It was a number of years since I had been on a horse, but it sounded like something I couldn’t pass up! When I arrived at the stables, I was assigned to ride a horse who’s name was Reality! Oh, Oh!, I thought. Was this a sign? Here I was in a tropical paradise, miles away from my life in New York, away from any and all responsibilities and ties, away from my volatile relationship at that time……

Well, not long into the ride, we broke into a canter as we followed a trail through lush tropical vegetation. It was at this point that I lost both of the stirrups and very nearly lost hold of the reins! My heart was pounding and my mind was racing, visualizing all the possible worst-case scenarios. I didn’t know about grounding or centering at the time, nor had I any experience in meditation or working with energy and owning my space.

However, I do recall – in the midst of hanging on for dear life and using all my available strength and willpower – having the thought that whatever happened would happen regardless. Energetically, I gave up the reins and relinquished control of the situation…. I didn’t fall – I managed to stay seated on my horse, Reality, found the stirrups and regained control of the reins.

In hindsight, this was a valuable lesson on the difference between letting go physically and spiritually. Relinquishing control energetically, is not the same as taking your physical hands off the steering wheel, or handlebars and yet it is often perceived as the same.

I was reminded of this when working with a client recently. She was struggling to let go of some old programming that undermined her ability to manage her life on her own without a man to assist and guide her, simply because she was a woman. This is a very capable, strong, successful mother and career woman, and yet the hesitancy or resistance in releasing this energy came from the picture or fear that it would leave her vulnerable to whatever may come her way, to being swept away in the prevailing tide.

This energy can be so strong as to “feel” physically real!

There may be no limitations to what one can manage, process, etc. spiritually, but within the three-dimensional physical world we inhabit, our bodies can become overwhelmed, over-stressed, over-worked and over-loaded.

Letting go of the reins – spiritually, or energetically – can free up space for growth and creativity in the body and that, in itself, is a healing.

What are you ready to let go of?

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