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sun-clouds“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein

The sky’s the limit….. or so the saying goes!

Do you sometimes wish that were true? That you could create and have anything your heart desires? It sounds ideal on the surface, but what would be the outcome?

We have rules and limitations in this physical world for a reason. Rules and boundaries are necessary in order to function safely and consciously within a three-dimensional environment.

Imagine if we all could defy the laws of gravity for instance, or if our telekinetic abilities were fully available and we could manifest and move matter at will? That may sound like fun, however the ensuing chaos could very possibly interfere with our enjoyment of such freedom. Which brings us back to why there are limitations within our three-dimensional world.

However, putting aside the limitations that are necessary for our overall safety and ability to function on this earth, what limitations are you living with that are negatively affecting your free will to create and lead a fulfilling life in which you are in the driver’s seat?

I would refer to these as “perceived” limitations – in other words rules and concepts that have been put in place by others. Let’s take a look at the source of some of these limitations and how you can simply heal them.

conflict1. Competition
Competition is a basic human instinct that is linked to the “survival of the fittest” concept. This is the energy most often generated from the concept that there is only so much space, only so much to go around etc. Competition can be positive or healthy when used to stimulate ability and help people grow and improve. However, competition takes on a negative tone when used to take people out at the knees just so that the other person can get ahead. This negative competition is generated out of fear and survival, and fails to recognize that we are each of us on our own individual and unique path which cannot be compared to anyone else.

2. Invalidation
How many times have you been told that you couldn’t do something because you were too young, too old, too weak, not smart enough, the wrong sex, in the wrong part of the world or whatever other reason you may have been given, and where does that energy still sit in your space? The energy of “you’re not good enough” can create powerful limitations and restrictions in your ability to see what you can have and create.

3. Judgment
Judgment is similar to invalidation in some ways. However, rather than addressing your capabilities, judgment tells you that what you want to do, have and create is morally and ethically wrong, is contrary to your religious faith, against your cultural beliefs, etc. Judgment energy can make a person feel sinful, guilty, selfish and generally bad about themselves.

4. Self-worth
Each of the above energy vibrations, experienced individually or in combination, create a heavy burden of limitations and restrictions which directly affect a person’s ability to love or feel good about themself – in other words their self-worth. This in turn simply adds to those limitations already in place in your life. Under such a burdensome load of shouldn’ts and cant’s, ones ability to feel enthusiastic, optimistic or to see a way out is severely tested.

So, how can these seemingly insurmountable obstacles to having the life you want be conquered?

I am reminded of a time when I was working with a client in an Intuitive Touch Healing session. She was struggling with some similar limitations. These limitations presented themselves to her in the form of an immovable mountain, at least that is the picture I saw while working with her. She was unable to see how to get over or around the mountain. She didn’t believe it was possible.

I showed her that the mountain was simply made of energy and that she could easily move it aside or move through it with no effort. When she recognized that, I watched her push that mountain aside and reconnect with her path in front of her.

Imagination is a powerful tool. As Einstein said “…It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Too many people dismiss imagination as something reserved for children, something unreal. And yet, creating what you want in life all begins with “imagining” or visualizing that goal. What if that mountain in front of you really is made of energy and can be moved aside with your left pinky finger?

mountainNext time you hear yourself saying “I can’t”, “I don’t deserve it” or “I’m not good enough”, take a look at where that negativity is truly coming from. Recgnize that it is an energy vibration put in place by someone else, and simply move it aside….

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