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gridlock-flickrAre we there yet?

Perhaps you remember your parents’ frustration when you would ask this question every few minutes. Or maybe as a parent yourself you have had to answer this age-old question from your children.

The question itself arises from wanting to be somewhere else, in a different place than where you are right now, and the reasons behind this desire are myriad. For example –

  • Competition: In this fast-paced, survival of the fittest world we inhabit we sometimes find ourselves feeling less capable than others around us. We should be further along in the game. Compare and contrast. This energy pushes our attention out into the future to a point in time where we envision being successful or in a better, happier place. Or even back into the past to a time when we appeared to be at the top of our game!
  • Excitement/Anticipation: When there is an event in our future that we are excited about, we want to be there NOW! – relaxing on a sun-drenched beach; picking up a loved one at the airport; graduating from college; starting a new job. This desire takes us out of present time and out of ourselves.
  • Regret/Remorse: Mistakes that we make along the way, which are part of learning and growing, sometimes cause us to get stuck in the past wishing we could change our decision that created the mistake. This is particularly true when there is judgment and/or invalidation from other people about that mistake.
  • Pain/Discomfort: When you are in pain, be it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, you would give anything to be pain-free. Pain pushes us out of our body, disconnects us and removes us from present time.

As spiritual beings living and growing through physical bodies in this three-dimensional world of time and space, we are continually challenged to stay present. The spiritual part of yourself is able to time travel effortlessly whenever you choose, to leave the body and project out into the future, or back into the past or both, simultaneously. Wherever your attention is, that is where you are.

Your body, on the other hand, is subject to the laws of physics and matter. It is rooted in the present, growing and developing slowly, bound to the earth by the force of gravity.

Because of this, the body can accumulate energy along the way in the form of pictures from other people – judgment, invalidation, competition, pain, etc. When foreign energy builds up in your space – your physical and spiritual universe – your ability to stay with your body is compromised and the state of being somewhere else becomes the norm.

If the energy that disconnects you is not cleared and released from your space, it can cause unwellness. It is at this time that people will seek healing in one form or another. Again, they want to be in a different place, to be better, to be well and to arrive at that place as quickly as possible.

However, healing is a process that involves creating change. Healing begins with recognizing where you are, understanding how you got there, accepting the place you are in and releasing all the energy that disconnected you from yourself so that you can come “home”, in other words be in and with your body in present time.

Acceptance is the key here!

Wishing you were somewhere else, or wanting to have arrived already, doesn’t allow you to accept where you are and impedes the healing process.

Healing is a journey, not a destination.

Are we there yet? No, but we’re on our way.

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