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tower-bridge-stock-xchng_-150x150I have just returned from a 10 day trip home to England in which I was able to combine both vacation seeing family and friends and also some work!

Everyone knows how a change of scenery can alter one’s perspective and, when you are able to look at something differently, your vision and your entire world changes!

The revelation I received from this journey is nothing new! I have known for a long time, and experienced on numerous occasions, the benefits of getting away from home and our everyday surroundings, be it near or far, and how tremendously healing that can be!

Recognition of my rejuvenated state began to truly sink in on the flight home last week as I was reading an article in “Spirituality & Health” magazine. It was entitled “Your Soul Needs Playtime” by Emma Seppala. In it, Ms. Seppala discusses how play is essential to our wellbeing and yet how, although play comes naturally to children, adults often have little or no permission to “play”.

The responsibilities and tasks of daily life that come with adulthood can weigh us down in seriousness without our even realizing it, and soon there is little or no space for levity of any kind, let alone engaging in seemingly frivolous and child-like play. The energy of those duties we have take up so much space in our universe, that we become disconnected from ourselves spiritually and physically. We lose the ability to find joy in the simple everyday events of life. Even recreation is taken seriously – scheduling in time for the gym, power yoga, a half marathon, meditation, etc.

When I first began my training in meditation, healing and developing my intuitive abilities, there was a saying that became much like a mantra: “whatever makes you serious controls you”.
There is a lot of truth in those few words!

Think of one area of your life in which there is seriousness, be it your career, religion, parenthood, education or such. Can you smile and/or laugh when you put your attention on that part of your life? If not, then the energy in that area is controlling your ability to change your vibration.

Our trip with was filled with play – we played hard and fast, covering as much as we could in the short time we had. There was a lot of smiling and laughter – very good for the soul! For most of that week, I was disconnected from electronic communication and so I was even more able to be in the present, enjoying each moment and not having my attention on what I didn’t complete before I left or what I needed to take care of on my return!!

The work I did perform while away was a completely new experience – teaching a one-day Intuitive Touch Healing workshop to members of a meditation group in which a friend of mine is involved. The newness of this situation – not knowing any of the people involved and clueless as to their knowledge, experience, abilities, etc., – allowed me to look at my work from a whole new perspective. I had two choices – get seriously stressed and concerned about how to approach them and show that what I had to teach has value, or set the energy at amusement, joy, play and allow each participant the space to match that. Guess which I chose!

So, on that plane ride home, as I read the magazine article, I recognized that I had created some self-healing and that I was returning in a new space.

I got out my calendar to look at what future appointments and commitments lay in store for me and began to feel the energy of those events as a weight – my vibration started to drop. I realized the energy in my calendar was all about “have to”, rather than what I am choosing to create in my life. After all, I have created where I am. I chose my career path, I chose to have a family with it’s inherent responsibilities.

And so I decided to change the energy on the never-ending to do list from what I “have to do”, to what I “choose” to put my attention on and achieve.

skipping-150x150I recognized that I can create the energy of play in all areas of my life. I don’t have to wait until “play time”.

Work, commitments, responsibilities, projects, meetings – these can all be approached from the energy vibration of play. This doesn’t diminish their importance, but simply makes them more enjoyable. When was the last time you skipped down the hallway in your office building? If you were to do so, would your co-workers think you had lost your mind, or would your bosses believe you weren’t taking your work seriously and, therefore, were not a good employee?

If it would not be in your best interest to try this experiment, then I encourage you to imagine skipping down the hallway and see if that doesn’t lighten your load a little and make your work more enjoyable!

The next time you find yourself in a serious situation, be it a meeting, seminar, position of responsibility, etc., take a deep breath and smile (inwardly if you need to) and notice how that simple gesture can change your energy level. My first yoga teacher would have us smile to soften the poses we were holding. It made a tremendous difference.

How would you like to change your perspective, or the way you see things and, as a result, change your world and your life?

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