Blog Title: Can a healer say no?

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cryingAnd if a healer does say no, does it mean they dont’ care?

For a giver, healer or compassionate human being saying “NO” can be challenging at the best of times and can seem downright impossible under certain circumstances.

And yet there are times when saying no is necessary or, in fact, a must! For one’s own health and sanity if for no other reason! But also often for the benefit of the person asking.

This is something we humans all struggle with at times, however for a particularly caring, compassionate, sensitive soul the struggle is seemingly continuous and at times overwhelming.

If you find yourself unable to say no, you end up accommodating, enabling and allowing so many others and their energy in your space, the result of which is no longer being in control of your life or having sufficient energy of your own with which to maintain your health and wellness.

At this point, the healer becomes the person in need of healing. Even then, on the brink of exhaustion, a healer may feel selfish saying no. So how do you change the game? How do you manage being a healer and yet deny people their requests, answers to their problems and the like?

One of the lessons I teach in my year-long Intuitive Touch Healing program is how to grant space for people to be where they are and not fix them. It is important to recognize that each person’s problems and challenges are part of their journey. Validating their ability to find their own answers and heal themselves is empowering, not debilitating.

This is why being able to use your intuitive abilities and “see” each person’s unique spiritual energy is the most important tool a healer can have.

So if someone comes to me and asks “can you heal me?”, I will answer “no, but I can help you heal yourself”.

I am reminded of the movie “Ray”, the 2004 biographical film focusing on the life of rhythm and blues musician Ray Charles who became blind at the age of 7. There is a scene in the movie when the recently blinded young Ray is crying for his mother to help him.

It is an agonizing moment in which, rather than rush to help him, she stays silent, not letting him know she is there. Her tears flow as she watches him struggle, stumble and bump into things, because she knows he must learn to be independent and find his own way to deal with his lack of sight.

question-mark-flickrSo can a healer say “no”? Absolutely!
Is it easy for a healer to say “no”? Absolutely not.

However, there are times when it is absolutely what is needed for healing to occur.

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