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This post is being dedicated to friends in need!

A very dear, longtime friend, Laurna Malkovich, and her family are on a journey that, like so many, is taking unplanned and unexpected twists and turns. Laurna and Mike’s daughter, Morgan, has a very rare condition called Cloves Syndrome which involves vascular and lymphatic abnormalities.

At 18, and having just graduated high school, Morgan made the difficult decision to undergo a surgical procedure designed to improve her quality of life as she looks at independent adulthood. Because of the rarity of her case, this required that the family travel from Maui to Boston. Check out Laurna’s blog at for more information.

The surgery itself went well, but Morgan’s post-operative journey has been more complex and challenging than anyone imagined, requiring many follow-up procedures. As a result, their length of stay in Boston has been extended for an indefinite period and what was already a huge financial undertaking is growing by the day.

Laurna is in the process of updating the blog, however the rigors of this part of the journey are overwhelming and draining physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. As a result, her time and energy is limited.

27 days and counting in the ICU…….This is a call to the community at large for assistance in supporting Morgan and her family. Can you help?

Please forward this post to your network and ask them to forward as well. Any and all donations will help alleviate some of the financial burden which, in turn, will relieve some of the pressure and create more space for Morgan to heal and return to wellness. You can also bid on some beautiful, original artwork by Laurna herself and other noted artists in a silent auction created to raise funds.

In these challenging times for all of us, the call to pull together is increasing daily. The power of the human spirit working in unison can change what may seem insurmountable for one family into a reachable goal. Together we can truly make a difference!

Thanking you in advance!

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