Blog Title: Sue G.

I came to Sue initially for one Intuitive Touch Healing series when the energy that I was experiencing became a serious physical condition that greatly concerned doctors within the western medicine system and, honestly, brought up a great deal of body fear within me. As a clairvoyant and spiritual healer myself I knew that working with the energy was the way to begin healing the condition that I had manifested. Sue, as a intuitive healer was able to see the energy dynamics of the condition, be neutral to my healing process choices and work with me as a partner in my healing. In the end, the western medicine doctors were amazed and confused at the healing that had occurred from one set of tests to another. All I could do was smile and know how much the Intuitive Touch healings had made a difference.

An Intuitive Touch healing is a wonderful way to give to yourself through touch which each body greatly appreciates.

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