Blog Title: Kyo Rago

I have gone to Intuitive Way for about 13 years now. I knew I needed something to help my life, but didn’t know what. Church didn’t feel right, therapists didn’t help, and I had no one to turn to that helped or understood. 13 years ago, I was wandering around Walnut Creek in the pouring rain seeking something. I walked for hours and came across a cool store with 1 pamphlet crumpled up and wet. When I looked at it, it was a pamphlet for Intuitive Way. Once I read it, I knew this was where I needed to start. My life has never come easy for me, I knew I was psychic (my whole family is) but I still felt different and off. I started taking classes and developing my psychic awareness. I have always felt very comfortable at Intuitive Way. Everyone there is non- judgmental and seems to be dealing with the same issues I was. Finally a place that I belonged and could not only get help but guidance.

Although my life still has not been easy and I still have many times that I feel stuck, off, etc. I can always go there to be validated and again feel comfortable with people that understand. My journey is not even close to being done and when I don’t regularly go there my life seems more out of control than ever. I can’t express enough how their classes and especially the healings help me so much. Because I’m psychic I seem to attract a lot of energy. That energy isn’t always good and they help remove the negative energy and help me to ground and protect myself so I can go through my day and have hope for a better happier life. Developing my abilities is also a crazy, but amazing journey and I know I’m not alone. Even if you don’t feel you’re ready for classes, the healings are truly amazing and life changing. I am truly grateful for them… and continue to join them on my path to hopefully.

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