Blog Title: Camille Harrison

A routine mammogram in April of this year led to a diagnosis shortly thereafter of micro invasive carcinoma and DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ). It was determined that the cancer in my left breast was caused by radiation treatment 18 years ago for Hodgkin’s disease. I decided, after many consultations, to undergo a bilateral mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction in July. This was an intensely difficult time for me.
I chose to focus on my daily meditation (something I had started at Intuitive Way at the beginning of the year). I also began Intuitive Touch Healing sessions and received healing readings as well. The benefits were tremendous. I felt that I was in charge of my healing and able to work with my doctors. I listened to my body and began to work with colors to heal my body with energy.

I arrived for my surgery calm, centered and open to the tremendous changes about to occur. I knew, whole being, that everything would be alright. Through the goals I had set with my Intuitive Touch Healing guide, I was able to focus on maintaining my health on a daily basis through this difficult process. I was able to let each moment unfold and learn from it.

I received my surgery pathology results at the end of July. My surgeon said there was just one small (less than 1cm) tumor and no, repeat, no micro invasive carcinoma. This was astounding. My surgeon even checked my original biopsy to confirm the invasive carcinoma had been there. My oncologist and surgeon said they could not explain it and that they were “thrilled” – they (and many members of my medical team at Stanford University Hospital) used that word a lot. I will need no further treatment. My prognosis is excellent with a less than 2% chance of recurrence. This is my miracle.

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