“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”- ( Pierre Teillhard de Chardin )

Healing Staff


Sue Arlen


Born & raised in England, I began my working life in London. Three years later, in 1979, I moved to New York. Four years later I moved further west to California where I have been since. I am married and have 3 adult daughters.

As a child, I had some experiences that in later life I would come to recognize as resulting from sensitivities or intuitive abilities, but which were hard to understand or explain at the time – a vivid out of body experience in school, describing the “air” (on holiday with my family) as being different when we crossed the border from Belgium into France, hearing voices talking to me as I lay in my bed to name just a few.

It was on my arrival in California that I embarked on my personal spiritual journey. It began with having a reading, followed swiftly with a meditation class, both of which were life-changing events.

Suddenly my earlier “strange” experiences had meaning and I didn’t feel I had to hide or override a natural part of myself. Since then I have been practicing the arts of meditation, healing and developing my intuitive abilities. In 1991, I entered massage school with the goal of incorporating healing into bodywork. It was at this time that I discovered my true passion – helping people recognize their unique spiritual nature within their physical body through light touch healing sessions, assisting them in re-connecting with their own awareness and information. This has since developed into Intuitive Touch Healing which I love to both practice and teach others how to do the same.

My life and travel experiences have allowed me to meet, learn about and enjoy people from many cultures and walks of life. Using this information and experience, together with my intuition, I aim to create individual healing sessions geared specifically to improving your wellness by helping you release energy that may be causing pain, stress or preventing you from achieving your goals.

Meet our Healing Team


Allison LaMothe

Born in Fresno, a 3rd generation Californian, I have been fortunate to live here in the East Bay for most of my life. I am married with two grown children and find myself embarking on yet another “life time” within my life time.

A little over 10 years ago in the midst of building a family and career I began to feel like I was living in a tornado. Life was good, but was moving at a pace which left me feeling as if I was “missing” the essence of life while trying to keep it all going. I realized I needed to figure out how to shed the inessential in order to fully enjoy that which was essential. A good friend who had just been through a similar phase led me to Intuitive Way where I received a reading. I was so very validated and empowered by it that I soon enrolled in the meditation courses. Through meditation and the intuitive training, I found myself more able to gain clarity of choice and understanding, and why I felt what I felt. I was able to connect to my own sense of spirituality and understanding of the meaning of my life and the direction in which I wanted to take it. This is a fluid process and I continue change and grow with continued educational and meditation experiences.

After completing the meditation and graduate program, I felt intrinsically the Intuitive Touch program was for me. I had been to several of the clinics and enjoyed the results. The prospect of continuing to study spiritual energy along with physical and genetic energy was very exciting. Looking at what we bring to our lives as a spirit, in a body with specific DNA and experiential impacts is very personally empowering and most importantly, humanizing. Each of us comes to our experience with a vast array of differences but we all hold the commonality of having a life in which we are simply here to experience and grow. Creating a neutral grounded healing space in which a client is able to begin to approach their own self-understanding and healing process without judgement or recrimination and instead, bring a sense of balance, peace, validation and opportunity where there is often none, is why I enjoy the Intuitive Touch process.

As I work with clients I find that, at the very base level of healing, we are able to provide a sanctuary and space in which the client can learn to heal themselves and find their own sense of wellbeing and satisfaction. While it is simply not possible to create perfection in a body that is always changing and growing, it is possible to make room for self-direction, healing and empowerment.


Renee Outlaw

A Bay Area native, having spent most of my adult years living & working in Lafayette, I knew immediately that it wasn’t going to be difficult to fall in love with the LaMorinda location. It is here that I have been able to mold my passion into Lucid Chi and Intuitive Touch Healing.

As a highly trained and experienced Massage Therapist, Sports Therapist, Holistic Health Educator and Healer, I am able to integrate a variety of Eastern & Western Massage therapies & techniques to personalize each session.

Over time, my fascination with the human body and healing has grown deeper than the superficial layers of the body’s fascia and musculoskeletal system, which has led to further education and platforms. I became aware of the effects of trauma, environmental issues, emotional stress and muscle memory as unique to each individual. Pinpointing these emotional, physical and energetic points helps bring everything into the present moment, where you are able to occupy the body in your own truth.  My natural intuitive nature helps to ease the minds and bodies of my clients by knowing where to work and what therapies to incorporate.

Understanding first-hand what it’s like to be injured, stressed, in pain or confused & stuck, I am able to tailor each session, integrating eastern and western techniques along with a “hello” to the higher self or consciousness, creating space for release and healing on a cellular level.

After a tailored bodywork session, it’s like being re-introduced to a beautiful blend of mind and body space regaining the connection to your universe that you’ve always known. Having the sense of being complete not only gives Pro or amateur athletes more brain power to focus on their game or competing at top level, but also allows for each person looking for a consistent level of well-being and learning to heal the self to benefit tremendously.