Welcome to Intuitive Touch Healing

Intuitive Touch Healing is dedicated to helping people find wellness through healing and bodywork treatments that are designed to assist each of you in increasing your awareness and finding your own answers. In other words, uncovering your true potential!

    • Would you like to have more energy with which to manage your daily life?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, or over-stretched in your work or family life?
    • Is your body becoming negatively impacted by the stresses of this fast-paced society we’re living in?
    • When fatigue appears constant and your love of life is dwindling.

Intuitive Touch Healing can help!

Whether you have concerns about, or are facing challenges with regards to your physical, spiritual, mental or emotional health and wellbeing, Intuitive Touch Healing is designed to support and assist each unique individual on their journey through life.


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What our clients say!

  • Thank you so much for an amazing healing! I woke up the next morning feeling renewed and balanced and have been feeling better by the day !

  • Thank you, Sue, for my second round of intuitive touch healing. I can’t imagine my year without these sessions, and I certainly can’t imagine how I would’ve made such spiritual progress without this help.